Our Process

We specialise in converting a wide range of materials to create a high quality, bespoke product.

What you can expect:

You can expect technical advice, a drawing design of your product and material samples to help finalise your bespoke product. Using the wide variety of production machinery we have to offer, we can convert your chosen material to your specifications.

Our converting processes include, but are not limited to the following:


Image of the slitting converting process

Horizontally cutting (Slitting/Splitting) sheets from blocks of our raw material, keeping to tight tolerances, dependent on material type and thickness

Bandsaw & Band Knife

Image of the Bandsaw cutting a block of product

Vertically cutting basic shapes – giving a consistent, clean cut

Oscillating Blade (CNC)

Image of the oscillating blade as part of the converting process

CNC cutter with vertical oscillating blade delivering intricate shapes repeatedly


Image of the grinder machine used as part of the converting process

Often used to grind down foam and sponge rubber using an abrasive wheel as the trimming tool. Excellent for high accuracy, concentric circles.


Image of the Boring tool used as part of the converting process

Used to bore rollers inner diameter, to almost any size.

Die Stamping

Image of the die stamping press, used as part of the converting process

Utilising Hydraulic Presses to cut out highly accurate 2D shapes.

Mangle / Nip Roller

Image of the mangle nip roller used in converting

Compressing material to improve adhesion in bonded sheets. Application of self-adhesive backing to foam.


Image of the sewing machine used in converting

Our specialists sewing services are applied to many standard products.


Cartoon style image of the laser used for converting

A specialist machine for extra fine detailing and applying bespoke designs.


Cooking icon

This process allows us to achieve high-temperature cooking and forming to achieve extra-strong joins between cut pieces – often used in our Foot-wiping belts.


Orange glue bottle icon with glue written on the side

Having a variety of application processes and glues, we are experts in bonding foam and sponge rubber products

CAD 3D Modelling

CAD autodesk Icon

We utilise CAD within the business to manufacture quality, bespoke items to your specifications using CNC machinery. We can accept drawings in all major formats or will be happy to create a bespoke 3D drawing of your part for you.